How to Play

Exchange22 is an ultimate gaming fantasy platform which provides the user with an opportunity to use their knowledge in sports to win money, what makes it stand out among hundreds of fantasy apps is its unique concept of trading which allows the user to buy/sell a particular player(s).

Playing Exchange22 is like being on a roller coaster. You will experience your share of highs and lows while playing the game. What makes it even more exciting and thrilling is that your earnings depends on the performance of the player. For instance, if a player performance improves, your chances of earning from the game increases, similarly, if a player performs poorly your earningsfrom the game decreases.

How to play fantasy Sports on Exchange22?

The format of the game is simple ⁠— all you need is basic knowledge in Sports and understanding of the players’ performances. The rules are quite easy and we have covered it in the detailed guide below.

Download the App through the link on our websiteand go to the Registration page on Exchange22 App and register via Facebook or your Email ID.

Select a match from any upcoming tournament. There are a number of tournaments throughout the year like ODIs, Test series, and T20 that are played at domestic and international levels.

You can participate in multiple matches at any given time.

A list of player is provided for a particular match with pre-approved base price based on the previous performance of the player(s).?

For Buy/Sell Trade:

Create your own portfolio of playersby selecting the player(s) based on your knowledge and accordingly buy or sell a player(s). In case there’s a delay, we ensure that we postpone the match start time on our app basis the information available on public domains.

The maximum number of players you can have in your portfolio for a particular match is 22.

For Multi-Bagger Trade:

Select a player(s) from the list of players available under the ‘Multi-bagger’ section. The projected/expected return from that particular player shall be displayed in the corresponding cell. There is no limit on the purchase of shares of a particular player(s).

Also, there shall be no reversal of the transaction once a player has been bought/sold.

For Investing:

  1. Visit the upcoming section and select the tournament/series you wish to invest in.
  2. Now, you see the list of the players available of different teams with their investing price.
  3. Click on the "Invest" option and select the number of shares.
  4. Either use (-) or (+) to increase or decrease the share's number or edit directly by clicking in b/w (-) & (+).
  5. There is no capping on the number of shares.
  6. Once the amount deduction is complete, you can enjoy the player's progress in the "Live" section once the tournament kicks.
  7. Also, there shall be no reversal of the transaction once you have invested in a player.
  8. You can also view your selected player in the "My Portfolio" section.

Once the game begins, check the players’ performance in the live match section. As the live match progresses, see your players’ score increase based on the points system.

Scoring points solely depends on the performance of the players on that particular day. You can refer to the Points Table to see the weightage and get a better idea of how the points will be calculated.

You can check your final earnings from your portfolio by visiting the result section’ in the app.

However, please note that profit/loss can never be more than double the share of the base price of the player(s).

In case if rain interrupts a match, you will get a refund, but only for incomplete “limited-over” matches.

To withdraw your winnings, go to your account on Exchange22 and withdraw your cash directly into your bank account.

If a match is cancelled or abandoned, we refund any amount paid by the user. This will happen the moment we receive a confirmation that the match had been abandoned or cancelled.